How to Earn

In Money-Billboard you can earn in 3 ways.

    • Money-Billboard is a Refback Reward and PTC Monitor Site.
    • We offer a variable % commissions to all our members who join PTC sites as our Referral.
    • Suppose you joined FamilyClicx as our referral and started clicking, if we made $1 form your clicks then we will offer 70% of it back to you (90% if you are pro). It means that you will get $0.70 ($0.90) per every $1 you make for us as a commission for free.
    • More over our site will let you know about latest Paying and Scam sites.
    • You can also get valuable opinions about good PTC sites from many experienced members through our Forum, it will help you to decide a better PTC for investment.
    • The Min Payout is $2

    Steps to Earn at Money-Billboard

    • First, Join Money-Billboard click here
    • Choose a site form the list and click on Join Now button.
    • Register the site.
    • Click Activate and Send for Approval Request by typing your username in the provided box.
    • Wait until we approve your referral request and start clicking.
    • You will receive your Refback commission as soon as we get paid by the site you had joined.
    • At last Cash out your earnings and get paid within 48 Hrs.
    • There is no limit, you can join as many sites as you want and receive Refback commission for each of them.
  • Every person who registers on Money_Billboard with your referral link. And allow you to earn 10% of the value of his cashout.

  • The 100% of the earnings of Money Billboard are payed to the user.

    Who has more MBp receives a greater share of the earnings.
    With more than 100 Mbps you can view the monthly complete list of expenses and earnings of Money Billboard.
    For every click you make in a PTC which are our referrals receive 0.001 Mbps.
    You can buy 25 MBp for $5.

    The 15th of the month is payday on Money Billboard. The gains in the previous month shall be shared by all users who have at least 1 Mbps

How much you want earn ?

Making 4 clicks in 10 PTC you can earn about $ 10 a month from PTC, plus another $ 5 from Money-Billboard. With about 10 minutes of work. Plus you gain free MBp. What you wait ?